The AHGT Seminar

The Arithmetic & Homotopic Galois Theory seminar of the International Research Network is an international monthly hybrid seminar for the core members of the network that takes place in-person at RIMS Kyoto and by Zoom in France (with video recordings for the non-compatible time-zones).

Schedule of the seminar


Aug 7, 2023
JP: 15:30
FR: 08:30
The m-Step Solvable Hom-Form of Birational Anabelian Geometry for Number Fields.
Alberto Corato, University of Exeter, UK.
Jul 3, 2023
JP: 21:00
FR: 13:00
p-adic obstructions and Grothendieck's section conjecture.
Alexander Betts, Harvard University, USA.
Jun 5, 2023
JP: 15:30
FR: 08:30
Hoshi Yuichiro, RIMS Kyoto University, Japan.
May 15, 2023
JP: 15:30
FR: 08:30
"Solve for \(X\): \(X\times \mathbb{A}^1=\mathbb{A}^n\):" Old and new around exotic affine spaces and Zariski cancellation problem.
Adrien Dubouloz, Université de Bourgogne - CNRS, France.
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Talks of the invited speakers cover the three topics of the research program: (a) Galois Covers and Moduli Spaces, (b) Motivic & Geometric Galois Representations, and (c) Arithmetic Anabelian Geometry -- see list of surveys and references.

Feel free to contact the local organizer of your choice if you are interested in giving a talk.


B. Collas (RIMS Kyoto), P. Dèbes (Lille), Y. Hoshi (RIMS Kyoto), A. Mézard (ENS PSL), K. Sawada (RIMS Kyoto).

In 2023.

 B. Collas (RIMS Kyoto), P. Dèbes (Lille), Y. Hoshi (RIMS Kyoto), A. Mézard (ENS PSL).