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Poster MFO-RIMS23  Report of the workshop

MFO-RIMS Tandem workshop 2023 - Arithmetic Homotopy and Galois Theory

Sep. 24 to 29 (GE)/ Sep. 25 to 29 (JP), 2023   ·   Oberwolfach & RIMS Kyoto   ·   Org.: B. Collas (RIMS), P. Dèbes (Lille), Y. Hoshi (RIMS), A. Mézard (ENS)

This workshop reports on the latest progress of Arithmetic Homotopy and Galois Theory [Public Abstract]. It is organized as two complete workshops at the Mathematisches Forschunginstitut Oberwolfach and at RIMS Kyoto with live and asynchronous talks and scientific exchanges.

This MFO-RIMS workshop is the third opus of the MFO AHGT series:

Pictures of the event

[MFO-RIMS23] Group picture at RIMS Kyoto.
[MFO-RIMS23] Group picture at MFO Oberwolfach.

Additional photos of participants in the Oberwolfach Photo Collection [Opus 2018]

List of invited participants

Following the Oberwolfachinstitute tradition, attendance to this workshop is by invitation and, with a few exceptional grounds, in person only.

Site RIMS Kyoto, Japan
Anna Cadoret Sorbonne Université
Benjamin Collas RIMS - Kyoto University
Vasily Dolguchev Temple University
David Harbater University of Pennsylvania
Tim Holzschuh Heidelberg University
Akinari Hoshi Niigata University
Yu Iijima Hiroshima University
Shun Ishii Keio University
Joachim König Korea National University of Education
Arata Minamide RIMS - Kyoto University
Shinichi Mochizuki RIMS - Kyoto University
Takahiro Murotani Tokyo Institute of Technology
Ariane Mézard ENS PSL
Tadashi Ochiai Tokyo Institute of Technology
Séverin Philip RIMS - Kyoto University
Wojciech Porowski RIMS - Kyoto University
Koichiro Sawada RIMS - Kyoto University
Densuke Shiraishi Osaka University
Yuichiro Taguchi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Akio Tamagawa RIMS - Kyoto University
Shota Tsujimura RIMS - Kyoto University
Naganori Yamaguchi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Go Yamashita RIMS - Kyoto University
Yu Yang RIMS - Kyoto University
Seidai Yasuda Hokkaido University
Site Oberwolfach, Germany
Antonin Assoun Université de Lille
Lior Bary-soroker Tel Aviv University
Angelot Behajaina Technion Israel Institute of Tech.
Alexander Betts Harvard University
Frauke Bleher University of Iowa
Elyes Boughattas Université Sorbonne Paris Nord
Ted Chinburg Pennsylvania University
Noemie Combe MPI for Mathematics in Sciences
David Corwin Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Cyril Demarche Sorbonne Université
Philip Dittmann Technische Universität Dresden
Pierre Dèbes Lille University
Arno Fehm Technische Universität Dresden
David Harari Paris Saclay University
Yuichiro Hoshi RIMS - Kyoto University
Valentijn Karemaker Utrecht University
François Legrand Guangdong Technion Israel IT
Emmanuel Lepage Sorbonne Université
Daniel Litt University of Toronto
Martin Lüdtke Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Hiroaki Nakamura Osaka University
Danny Neftin Technion Israel Institute of Tech.
Stephan Patrikis Ohio State University
Florian Pop Pennsylvania University
Rachel Pries Colorado State University
Gereon Quick Trondheim University
Christopher Rasmussen Wesleyan University
Tomer Schlank Einstein Institute of Mathematics
Béranger Seguin Université de Lille
Roy Shmueli Tel Aviv University
Naotake Takao RIMS - Kyoto University
Adam Topaz University of Alberta
Craig Westerland University of Minnesota

Venue and Accomodation

For non-local RIMS participants, possibility is given to stay at the Shirankai Annex located at 15min from RIMS and 30min by walk from Kyoto center [Google Map; Bing Map], see also access to RIMS Kyoto.

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences Kyoto University [RIMS]

Participants in Oberwolfach are housed at the MFO Institute, see catering and accomodation information, how to prepare your travel (arrival, departure, etc), and some stay information.

Mathematisches Forschunginstitute Oberwolfach [MFO]

With the support of CNRS, JSPS-Kakenhi, the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, and the National Science Foundation (DMS-1641185).